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University of Alaska Anchorage to receive donation of $1 million for new lab

BP Exploration Inc. in Alaska announced this week that they were donating $1 million to the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA), according to a recent article from Anchorage Daily News online.  The funds are designated to be used to help create a lab that would study the effects of corrosion on pipe metals.  Constructing the lab will have a relatively low cost (i.e. less than the $1 million donation) as the lab will be installed in a space that used to be occupied by the college’s anatomy lab; the rest of the $1 million will go to the first year’s operational expenses.  This will be the first lab of its kind in Alaska, and the research on corrosion and how to prevent it is of importance to the state.  As oil is important to the economy, the pipeline that carries the oil needs to be well-kept, and corrosion research would help to prevent spillage in transportation and leakage in the pipes.  The new lab is expected to be worked on this spring and is scheduled to be open and ready for use in the fall.

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